What We Do

Academy Design partners with architects, builders, and contractors to design and manufacture stunning, high-performance, and configurable outdoor solutions that transform the environment.

What We Provide

We provide cabanas and daybeds for outdoor living. Our products have been featured nationally since 1991 at the most prestigious hospitality and multi-family locations. Through awareness, beauty, and comfort, we elevate physical space.


In 1991, Academy Awning planted its roots firmly in the heart of Los Angeles County, driven by a vision to redefine outdoor luxury. As the years unfurled, our aspirations took shape, culminating in the launch of 'Cabanas by Academy' in the late 90s. It was during this pivotal moment that our signature models, the Trustee, VIP, and Chairman cabanas, were introduced and they soared in popularity, becoming instant classics in the world of outdoor elegance.

The transformative year of 2021 marked a new chapter. With fresh ownership steering the ship, we proudly embraced our evolved identity as Academy Design, Co. Our mission was crystal clear: to curate unparalleled cabana and daybed experiences for the discerning elite in hospitality and real estate development.

Nestled in our Los Angeles studio, every corner resonates with the hum of craftsmanship. From design sketches to the rhythmic dance of sewing machines, from the precision of welding to the dedicated customer teams, we are a collective of artisans. Our craft is our pride, and it remains uncompromisable. This dedication to craftsmanship has also paved the way for collaborative ventures, partnering with architects, designers, and engineers to bring unique visions to life. Built for commercial environments, our structures cater to the most discerning hospitality guests, seamlessly blending durability with luxury.

Our journey, from the inception of Academy Awning to the evolution into Academy Design, Co., is a testament to growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As we continue to sculpt the future, we invite you to join us in a conversation. It's not just about cabanas and daybeds; it's about crafting unparalleled human experiences in spaces that inspire, resonate, and transform.