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Brookline, MA near Boston 
Luxury Apartments 
Construction of amenity spaces, including rooftop cabanas and ground-level amenity space. 
The Challenge: The landscape team was tasked with constructing an amenity space for a new luxury apartment building in Brookline, MA. The space needed to be inviting, functional, and enhance the overall guest experience. The challenge was setting up an outdoor space that would serve as a focal point for the residents, offering privacy and a sense of community. 
The Solution: Academy Design's Trustee Estate Cabana was the chosen solution. This model, with its three integrated bays, provided distinct spaces within the larger amenity area, allowing residents to choose between relaxation and social dining. The cabanas added both aesthetic value and multifunctionality to the 5000 square feet of outdoor space. 
The Trustee Estate: Drawing inspiration from the original Trustee Cabana, the Trustee Estate version magnifies its allure with three seamlessly integrated bays, essentially offering three distinct spaces within a single cabana structure. Crafted with a powder-coated aluminum frame and Jatoba wood slats finished with a natural oil on the roof and sides, this cabana is a testament to modern design meeting functionality. The two outer bays are adorned with daybeds, perfect for relaxation, while the central bay houses a dining table, ideal for communal gatherings. 
Feedback & Results: Though the property is still in its early stages of occupancy, the project manager praised the sturdiness and quality of Academy Design's cabana. The installation process was smooth, and the end product seamlessly integrated with the overall design of the amenity space.
Looking Ahead: When asked about the longevity of the cabana, the project manager expressed confidence in its durability and timeless appeal. Given the quality of construction and the thoughtful integration into the space, the cabana is expected to remain a focal point for years to come. 
Conclusion: Academy Design's commitment to quality, functionality, and aesthetics was evident in the Brookline luxury apartment project. Our cabana not only met but exceeded the expectations of the landscape team, proving once again that our products are the go-to choice for multi-family-based projects in the US. 
"I definitely would recommend [Academy Design]. You guys are great to work with... it went very smoothly, and [the cabana] arrived on time. The [installation team] said it was super easy to put together. And it looks good."
Michael DePinto, Project Manager
Doug Curtiss Landscape